003: Finding Your Next Great Hire

Finding team members with the character, competencies and chemistry to match your vision can be time-consuming – and risky. One wrong call and you pay for it for years. If you’ve ever slogged through stacks of applications to fill a staff position, you’ll appreciate the insights presented by Monty Kelso, President of Slingshot Group. In this episode, Monty unpacks a revolutionary new model that is transforming staff search for hundreds of ministries each year – with remarkable results.

Episode Highlights:

  • Acceptance of a search and staffing model in the local church and discussion of the staffing process/timeline.
  • Most frequent pitfalls that a church might encounter if they conduct staff searches on their own.
  • Who you want on the “other side of the table” when making church staffing decisions.
  • Generational differences in tenure and the best ways to minimize church staff turnover.

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