003: Finding Your Next Great Hire

Finding team members with the character, competencies and chemistry to match your vision can be time-consuming – and risky. One wrong call and you pay for it for years. If you’ve ever slogged through stacks of applications to fill a staff position, you’ll appreciate the insights presented by Monty Kelso, President of Slingshot Group. In this episode, Monty unpacks a revolutionary new model that is transforming staff search for hundreds of ministries each year – with remarkable results.

Episode Highlights:

  • Acceptance of a search and staffing model in the local church and discussion of the staffing process/timeline.
  • Most frequent pitfalls that a church might encounter if they conduct staff searches on their own.
  • Who you want on the “other side of the table” when making church staffing decisions.
  • Generational differences in tenure and the best ways to minimize church staff turnover.

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002: Surviving a Building Project

In this episode, Chris Davenport from Church Development Fund shares from decades of experience in construction management the right and wrong ways to tackle a building project – especially when volunteers are involved.

Episode Highlights:

  • Who should (and should not) be making construction decisions within church staff.
  • The steps every Senior Minister needs to take in order to adequately prepare for a building project.
  • The jobs volunteers can do that will actually save you money and best practices on navigating all of the talents and skillsets available in your church congregation.
  • How to gain that new building without losing your job.
  • The biggest budget busters in church construction and how to avoid them.

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001: Maximum Engagement through Social Media

In this episode, Tami Milbrandt walks us through the compelling reasons for having a social media presence as well as the best way to wade into the waters of Facebook and Twitter without drowning. BONUS: The five Inner Circle voices every leader should consult regularly to stay sharp, focused and producing great social media content.

Episode Highlights:

  • Why it is important to be involved in social media; no matter the capacity or time commitment you have available.
  • The natural seasons of social media and the role of consistency among the various networks.
  • Do’s and Dont’s of delegating social media responsibilities with your staff.
  • Tips on how to create a conversation and encourage engagement on various social platforms.
  • Developing your Inner Circle – tips on the 5 voices every marketer should keep front and center to remain sharp and inspired in social marketing.

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